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Artist Jan Bentley is showcasing a collection of acrylics and watercolors that span the past twenty years.

The painter’s work has been inspired and influenced by her travels throughout Europe and love of the impressionist masters of the 20th Century.


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Join Guest Artist Celina Stilphen of Woven Currents for an evening of Margaritas and Macrame in the backyard space of StuStuStudio!

You will be provided with rope, a holding ring and instruction on how to make your very own ocean inspired plant hanger. Margaritas and light snacks will also be provided!

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Luke Buser of Musique Plastique and his Fumage/Smoke Paintings

Fumage is a technique using smoke from fire (in this case, candles) to create an impression on canvas. The pieces tend to have a dimensional effect. Each piece will consist of a number of “smoke dots” and will have the effect of showing greater detail as the dots grow in size.





Newest Artist in Residence Solveig Noll and her series:

Plants As People



Feb 2017:

Stu’s youngest artist, Desmond Ruckman