ALLIE B. is a metalsmith, artist, and jeweler. Her art career began in Philadelphia at Marion County Art Center. She moved to the West Coast in 2005 to study metalsmithing at the Oregon College of Art and Craft. She has always been attracted to unique, nontraditional jewelry. Engulfed with working in metal, she took delight with what an essential tool her body had become. She has learned to raise, cast, form and fabricate, and spin metal to create vessels on a woodworkers lathe. Allie continues to make metalwork in her home studio under Allie B. Studios.  She also enjoys teaching her craft to one-on-one serious students in her studio and she is an active instructor at Clark College in Vancouver, WA.
BAILEY HENDERSON: A blend of the elements and surrealist tendency is the method of this PNW born painter. Having grown up on the edge of the metro area in Canby, Oregon, Bailey Henderson is a natural artist keen on combining organic and geometric elements in her form. Throughout her life, she has worked in various mediums, but began by selling her artwork in a frame shop in her hometown. Her art was featured in the Basil Wine and Food Festival.  She is pursuing a degree in Horticulture to bolster her knowledge of the flora of Cascadia and inspire her work. Today, Bailey lives in the City of Roses, and makes handmade paper and origami art under Crane Hustle Collection.

SHANNON BUCK is a Printmaker and Artist with over 15 years experience. Her Great Grandfather was a professional Illustrator and designed puppet sets in Europe, and her Grandmother was a skilled Draftsperson. Shannon learned letterpress printing from old-school Printers. She studied printmaking at Portland State University and drawing and painting at the Pacific Northwest College of Art. She has volunteered in the past with the Independent Publishing Resource Center, regularly gives letterpress demos at various events, and is currently a workshop assistant at Klum House. Shannon mostly works in linocuts and has a line of greeting cards under the name LOADED HIPS PRESS, which you can often witness her printing on a tabletop letterpress in the studio.